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Rent Your Vacation Home With Us

West Canadian Reservations makes every effort to ensure that our guests' and our owners' expectations are consistently exceeded. We ensure that our properties are accurately represented and assist our guests in selecting properties that best fit their requirements. We also provide them with the confidence that, no matter what unit they select, they will check in to a clean, comfortable and well-maintained unit.

Our tenants are our guests and we treat them as such. Our mutual success depends on a high level of customer satisfaction, which translates to repeat, and referral business and maximum rental income. Our guests are on vacation and they expect an enjoyable and trouble free experience beginning with the first contact with our company. We are committed to extending excellent service in an environment of personal hospitality.

National Marketing Program

Extensive and consistent marketing is a key component to obtaining continued growth, high occupancy rates and rental revenue. Through our relationship with Tepic Management Group and Rim Hospitality Canada, we utilize the most effective marketing sources and techniques available.

Housekeeping Services

At West Canadian Reservations Inc. we realize how important it is to guests and owners that they find clean and neat accommodations upon arrival. Your home will be professionally cleaned to high standards after each guests' use.

While there is the unavoidable risk of damage or theft whenever a property is offered for rental to the public it is the intent of West Canadian Reservations to minimize these risk by implementing a Security Deposit Program which includes a weekly cleaning and inspection of each unit. Each guests pays a security deposit in advance of renting your home. After each guests' visit, the property is inspected by cleaners and/or West Canadian Reservations Management. The inspector reports anything missing or damaged due to negligence or wilful abuse and it will be deducted from the security deposit in the amount required to make repairs or replacements.